About Us


Welcome to Blondies newly renovated website! It has been designed with you in mind and integrates so many incredible features…

Our Online Boutique Is Open!

Our online storefront is now open for business… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the globe!  Our design team has spent the better part of a calendar year putting every consideration toward your online browsing and shopping experience.  Details such as a minimally simplified user interface, product images that best capture the fine point of every item, right down to offering you the most reliable and cost efficient shipping methods available have been implemented.

More Than Just A Store

Our new online format affords us a way to get you information.  Whether at the very second it becomes posted or at your leisure, you can expect to find articles on things from the latest fashion trends to anticipated trends for the upcoming season.  Get exclusive access behind the scenes at the latest Blondies events.  Read about the latest artisans being featured at the store and why their products garnered representation.